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Restore Body Detox Kit

Restore Body Detox Kit
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The Restore Body detox kit is the key for a better lifestyle, or to simply pass a drug test. Detox your body of prescrption drugs, marijuana etc. It works in less than an hour, and removes even the highest levels of drugs and toxins from your body and works up to 8 hours! It was designed in a lab setting, and proven in tests, to be one of the most effective solutions for removing extreme levels of contaminates from your body in a short notice, even if your are over 200 lbs.!

We use nothing but the finest natural ingredients in our Restore Body Detox kit.  Detox marijuana, nicotine, meth, alcohol, cocaine or opiates in your body, for up to 8 hours. We don't simply mask your toxins with our Restore Body Detox kit, and instead remove all the toxins from your body, so that you can pass even the most advanced drug tests. The Restore Body Kit comes with both a 1 oz. Liquid cleanser and 8 full strength detox capsules.

Steps to using the Restore Body Drug Test Detox Kit:

  • Eat light - Fruits and vegetables (No fatty foods)

  • Add entire contents of 1 oz. Concentrate to 16oz of water. Shake then drink.

  • Take 8 capsules with an additional 16oz of water, juice, or sports drink.

  • Urinate at 3 times after completing detox kit. Works In 30 Minutes.


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