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Strip Instant Acting Super Concentrated Detox Drink

Strip Instant Acting Super Concentrated Detox Drink
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Pass a drug test with our Super Concentrated Strip 16 oz. Instant Detox acts quickly to detoxify the body of toxins. The technology is the best of its kind, and 5 times more potent than other detox products. The solution is a 100% all natural and lab formulated, Psyllerol Blend of herbs and vitamins. Our special blend will help you expel the toxins and contaminates from your body, using it daily can unlock the full benefits of the product, leading to a drug free healthier lifestyle.

Everything is covered in our detailed step by step instructions. The formula is instant acting, and is effective for people up to 300 lbs, for up to 8 hours! There is no refrigeration required. There is no need to use more than 16oz of water with the product. With a 100% guarantee by the manufacturer, you can be sure that our detox product is the best on the market today! Pass a drug test for marijuana or any other substance knowing you are truley clean.


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