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WTR Total Body And Hair Drug Detox Cleansing Program

WTR Total Body And Hair Drug Detox Cleansing Program
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Pass a marijuana drug test knowing your system is truley clean. This Product is NOT a mask! WTR 7 Day Detox Solution is a permanent natural detox solution, that will fully cleanse your body! Over the course of just 7 days you will take part in a program to remove any toxins in your body, even higher toxin levels. Its a simple program which includes a toxin free diet, daily cleanse tablets and proper water intake! In the end you will feel healthy and feeling good enabeling you to pass a drug test urine blood saliva or hair drug test.

  • For heavy users, regular users, or people looking to pass a drug test and change their lives.

  • Permanently cleanses all toxins from urine, blood, saliva and hair.

  • Replenishes any vital nutrients lost because of toxins in your body.

  • Includes Max HTR detox shampoo which will eliminate any toxins from your hair.

  • Helps reduce symptoms of withdrawal.

  • Completely cleanse your entire body of all toxins.

  • Works with any drug test!

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